Thursday, October 11, 2018

the ice cracked..

lucy aharish and tzahi halevy got married..

after hiding their love for so long - they finally tied the knot.. mazal tov to two wonderful media personalities for their love and perseverance.. for smashing the illusion that any country is able to contain separate peoples and for reminding us of the essence of life..

it was obvious that the event would grad more attention than probably any other wedding this decade and i am encouraged that for every negative talkback there appears to be a tsunami of supporters.. thank you for unveiling the more current and more compassionate side of our nation - including its jews and arabs..

at the end of the day - anyone who cares about religion should remember that all "sides" are praying to the same god.. and love is love is love..

my one wish for them is that their notoriety not overtake their intimacy and not shape their shared destiny.. may people remember that they are just a couple and that they never signed up for a reality tv wedding.. their life is their business and so is their love..

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