Friday, February 17, 2012

bye ben..

a roommate from my college days abroad took his life..

i feel like ive known too many people whove made this choice.. a choice that carries harsh consequences for loved ones but at he end of the day is a choice just like any other..

it simply comes with a no return policy.. as do so many others..

sometimes i feel like our governments are committing national suicide on our behalves.. making choices - especially with the environment and defence - that will lead us down a one way track..

but also with our education system and our health programs..

two (+) nations colliding.. and for what.. cant things be made better.. cant life improve for us all.. have we really exhausted our desire for a sane and satisfying existence..

its storming in the middle east right now.. amman residents woke up to a coat of white snow on their city and jerusalemites are expecting the same.. cant we take some inspiration from that?

shabbat shalom

and good bye ben.. rip


  1. Inspired by your persistent, relentless messages calling for taking the higher ground in conflict transformation — choosing dialogue over death and destruction.