Wednesday, May 23, 2012

i wont call the police..

there is terror in my street.. there is violence in my street.. my street was once an oasis and now it has become a hell hole.. good people are leaving and bad people are arriving.. its a sad twist of fate for a street that has come so far.. it deserves better.. the intercultural divide is huge.. and they are solely to blame.. the perpetrators verbally attacked a lady holding her baby who dared to complain about the nightly noise they make.. the family immediately left the street.. they live there no longer.. others call the police but the cops never really do all that much.. people are talking of drug deals and other shady activities.. people are speaking of gun shots.. i know that the property market has pushed them to our shallow shores.. but why do we have to suffer their brutal lifestyle.. what if we were to get caught up in the cross fire one day.. there is terror on my street..