Monday, March 19, 2012

the morning journey..

counting your blessings is an important ritual.. i have an incredible wife and family.. a great job.. fun friends.. i love residing right by a stunning relatively shark free warm water coast.. i get to cycle to work when its sunny and the skies are often a pleasant blue.. living in israel has its downsides.. but then again - where else could this be my life..

with iran and syria setting the region ablaze with death and threats of it.. with the global economy wobbling like a one legged goose through a crocodile farm.. with antisemitism running at worldwide highs.. its nice to at least have some peace for a solid hour everyday..

and for this i say thank you..


  1. Lirun?? You "have" a wife?



    When did you get married?

  2. last year.. we are expecting a baby in two months :)