Sunday, March 18, 2012

swift response..

iran's economy has been largely severed from the swift system.. this is a very powerful and crippling act.. and the media is brimming with how this may or may not impact the iranian nuclear program.. this has been heralded as the first time that a sovereign state has been treated this way.. it smacks of extreme and when extreme kicks in i tend to get edgy..

i dont understand it to be honest.. even if we can slow down the process - how long can you attempt to decide for a sovereign state what they are and are not going to do.. and what i also dont understand is why the world is prepared to foresake billions in cost of energy instead of diverting a fraction of this to solving the core issue in the middle east (in terms of international conflict) and drive the arab israeli conflict to resolution.. and frankly i believe that just like the egyptian israeli fragile yet stable peace deal - even the palo israeli conflict can be sold at the right price to the highest bidder..

anyway - when i think of cornered nations in strife i am immediately sent to memories of history classes of the weimar repubic in high school.. i recall studying about a nation that is cornered and starved and how extreme politics can grow out of such dire circumstances.. and combine that with a manic leader with solid control of masses and i worry.. i feel like we are ignoring low hanging lessons that are over ripe to be picked all for the sake of swift responses..

on the upside if this chokes the syiran regime which in turn chokes hamas and hizbulla - who knows maybe good things will follow..

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