Saturday, March 10, 2012

this time - we started it..

my wifes uncle flew in from overseas with his girlfriend.. it was her first timein israel.. they flew back out this morning after having spent a romantic weekend in missile stricken ashdod..

so basically gaza is in flames right now and sure i know and trust that our pilots are surgically attacking strategic military targets but that doesnt help thousands of innocent families who are impacted by our assault.. it also doesnt seem to be helping the thousands of israeli families who are toggling between bomb shelters and bedrooms.. i can tell you that for my wifes grandparents its a crazy experience..

we were going to visit my wifes uncle on saturday but awoke to the news of this new rising conflict.. we were advised against it by our own families.. they told us to stay in telaviv.. which is kind of crazy given its so close..

this morning i went to our local arab grocer to buy some dairy products before work.. and ud never guess there was conflict in the middle east when i go there.. we pats me on the back.. i joke around about my wifes cravings.. we wish eachother a great week..

i can understand the assasination that triggered the violence.. the dude we killed was responsible for killing 8 israelis directly and was planning additional terrorist attacks.. i get it.. but this never seems to matter - its almost like a reset button.. every few weeks the slate cleans and whoever raises their military head a bit higher than the other suddenly becomes responsible for the "wave of violence".. or so it seems..

so it doesnt matter who starts what.. what matters is who is not doing enough to end what..

eco99fm - my radio station of choice - was joking this morning about all the conspiracy theories that may lay behind this wave of violence.. i sometimes loathe that we laugh about bloodshed.. but then again - how else do you live in this insanity.. most of the time we laugh at ourselves.. still its hard - even just thinking about my wifes relatives panicking at each siren..

this conflict is so last season..

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