Sunday, July 1, 2012

one man's shit is another man's wonderful..

on saturday morning we went down to the old port of jaffa for breakfast at one of our favourite spots.. it is a pleasant time to walk while the slow rising eastern sun is still hidden by the hill of our former fisherman village.. we like the food and we like the service and the shy rattles of the docking boats are endearing..

two cyclists float by us and their conversation was audibly invasive.. "let me tell you another reason that this country is shit.."

they were decked out in designer bikewear.. in those typical traffic light hues.. so annoying to look at but even more annoying to listen to..

enter a group of african wedding goers following a bride and groom in white crimson and gold.. with two shocking pink clad cousins trailing behind.. they stood still right in front of us as the groom negotiated a boat ride for the whole crew..

our waiter blocked our view momentarily as he gazed at them.. we thought he was ethiopian until he turned to us an declared.. "they are our friends.." and rushed back to the serving station to dispatch someone elses breakfast..

noting that the men did not sport a kippa i spontaneously inquired when he came back as to what ethnicity these africans were.. "eritreans.. christians.." he told..

and then as if i inquired he continued to explain -

"in our country there is a dictator.. it is impossible to live.. we have suffered there greatly.. we love israel.. israel is a wonderful country.."


  1. Nice, Lirun. Yesterday, I asked the number 5 moneet sherut driver to let me off at Peretz and Har Tzion. He cautioned: Be careful. I asked: Of what? And he emitted some of his brainwashed epithets. I agreed that we have what to fear in this country though it is not the African asylum seekers but other, far more nefarious characters and outfits. Who? Which? he demanded. Most of the Knesset and the rest of the cabal, I replied. He slammed the door and sped off, sadly, still ignorant, bitter, and displacing frustrations and bile as programmed. Our African friends, guests have much to teach us if we dare to learn.

  2. Shalom old friend! Wow I haven't visited these hoods in years!

    Hope you are faring well. Just writing to let you know has been relaunched. Would love to see you there :) It's not GT without you and your angles there.

    Take care!