Wednesday, January 18, 2012

does the hacker have a costume?

when i was a kid super heroes used to rivet me.. i still love those movies and am avidly awaiting the release of the new batman.. as a kid though i loved the comics.. i would spend whole weekends devouring their low quality paper pages - bridging the static frames with the enthused force of my raw imagination..

the end however was always the same.. id leave the cinema or put down the book knowing that the closest i would ever come to crossing paths with such a story was indeed through the jungle of musky pages or in the movie theatres..

until now..

a guy in my class yesterday told us that his credit card details had been included in the recent attack by the saudi hacker.. he was so annoyed.. and today we read about the israeli super heroes who are out to say the day.. using jargon that is reminiscent of the old comics..

suddenly the world seems a little more musky and so much more surreal..

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