Monday, January 23, 2012

the premonition of war..

every now and then i have a dream that scares me.. either because it feels so real or because i fear that it may materialise..

last night i dreamt of nuclear war.. i dreamt that iran was attacking israel and that we had to evacuate.. in my dream there the call to prayer of "alla huakbar" had become the warning siren for the nuclear missiles and the sounding time was midday or midnight..

my mother and wife had already been removed to safer territory and i was the last one left.. the sirene was faintly heard in teh background and i ran to the pendulous converyor belt that was to lower me from the hill i was on to the collection point..

but it didnt work.. so instead i ran for dear life..

our soldiers seemed calm.. like the situation was under control but i kept running.. i felt i couldnt trust the facade.. and that life wasnt safe..

when i got to the river (which was toxic and all green and merky) i didnt hesistate to jump in.. i kept my head above water and side stroked to the other side at that stage my dream became largely translucent and the morning light pierced the bubble of my slumber..

iran isnt at war with us yet.. but today the european union appears to have confirmed that it will immediately start to sanction iran by launching an oil embargo..

any animal big or small cornered and threatened is highly likely to become unpredictable and my guess is that uncertain times lie ahead..

how does one start a family in the midst this geopolitical turmoil.. how do we invite new fresh souls into this place.. how do we ignore the hell that we and our neighbours are creating for eachother..

this is a dream that i truly hope never happens..

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