Tuesday, January 17, 2012

two sides to every wall..

israel built a wall.. a tall concrete largely ineffective wall.. well maybe it is effective.. maybe it even saves my very own life.. but at a huge expense.. not only to the palestinians daily lives and not only to our collective tax pockets but also to our knowledge of our neighbours..

hamas hizbulla and iran were always quasi synonymous around here.. and yet since the arab spring bounced around the middle east new fissures appeared and have now developed into solid cracks..

iran is losing its lebanese mistress because its right of passage through syria is being compromised as a result of the popular revolt.. hamas by identifying with the public has pissed off its iranian sugar daddy who in turn shut off the flow and all this we've known for some time.. but i had no idea that the hamas counter tantrum would involve persecuting shiites.. yes - theyre a type of muslim.. yes based on 1 + 1 hamas the islamic palestinian political / terrorist organisation is now terrorising muslims..

i asked the same question when assad started to massacre syrians.. when these are your counterparts.. organisations that do not hesitate to violently cut off their own noses in order to spite their faces - how can you ever develop a sense of confidence in their peace making intentions..

and having said all of that.. i believe that the PA wants peace.. (at least thats what i believe for the moment)..

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