Sunday, August 10, 2014

and so we set sail..

the sails are up.. everything is running fine on board.. the mobile island of telaviv has once again set sail and left the shores of israel.. gaza and the israeli towns around couldnt feel further away.. they may as well be somewhere on another planet where little purple people eat little star shaped purple things..

the news is again no longer about us.. we watch it like everyone else - only that unlike everyone else - we are only a few dozen kms away.. its now about them.. and they dont really exist - theyre news people.. somewhere on another planet where little purple news people cry about purple newsy things.. while telavivs restaurants are full again and beaches overflowing..

of course i am relieved that the sirens in telaviv have gone quiet.. this summer feels truncated as we enter a state of denial regarding the past 4+ weeks and reattach the present to the time continuum somewhere just before the war commenced.. deleting the war from our minds.. permanently empty trash..

the death toll in gaza has now fully morphed into a stat.. no one really died.. its just a number near 2000 that died.. so now when we count we can skip that number - dont worry our computers and gadgets as they will do it automatically.. who ever counts that high anyway - you wont even notice that the number has gone.. so we dont need to feel guilty for not grieving..

we now await the demand for inquiries which will probably only be launched once all battle embers are out.. almost makes me wonder if the anticipation itself is prolonging the smouldering and thus allowing other developments to supersede our prevalence such as isis kidnapping hundreds of people in northern iraq or perhaps the next syrian massacre - the ebola breakout in the ivory coast works too - there is even an israeli dr who went to help = good pr for our humanitarian side.. but it would be cynical of me to say that the lack of finality is anyway supporting any political cause.. so im trying to refrain..

when the reports end up being issued we too will relate to them as a foreign nation.. telaviv will cast its judgment between having its soup and its schnitzel during one of its dinners and by desert move on to something more - how do you say - happening maybe..

the breeze is pleasant and there are no clouds on the horizon.. hoping for calm seas ahead..

mira awad (arab) and some musicians (jewish) making some mellow sounds that fuse arabic vocals with some worldy sounds - i felt like posting it right here..

Our relationship is a blood connection,
a bleeding connection,
a philosophical bleeding,
a bleeding with aesthetic measures.
Our relationship is distance, is intimacy,...

is contradictions,
contradictions that make me find aesthetics in a bleeding.

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