Friday, August 8, 2014

separation anxiety..

everyone knew the ceasefire would crash today because hamas told us so.. so many times.. they promised.. how odd is that..

it didn't stop us from ignoring its crash..

we set off further north to a little town that we love on the carmel mountain (not more than a long hill) and walked around with the girls.. on the way to the car we saw a little café/restaurant owned by a winery called tishbi.. it was nothing short of amazing.. one of those unforgettable lunch spots that you can only find by perfect accident..

imagine a pizza with crust thin enough not to take over the flavours but thick enough to remind you that youre not just eating toppings.. with a bounty of cheese that is carefully not overdone.. drizzled in olive oil with anchovies loosely scattered and a handful of juicy calamata olives sitting amongst a couple of basil leaves.. only now imagine it as perfect.. over-dramatized? maybe..

we also had a salad that for the first time impressed me more than the salad at entrecote in paris.. and that is saying something..

we drove home through the countryside.. skimming through towns like pardes hanna and benyamina.. suddenly feeling like we could be anywhere..

the radio was trying to haunt us with warnings and reminders of how to seek shelter while driving if a siren is sounded.. it was almost funny how they promised that they would let us know if a siren was sounded to make sure we remained tuned in.. but even though the radio was on - we tuned out..

the Israeli tourism board has been feverishly working overtime to urgently produce massive billboards encouraging us to get back to our lives and to stay local for our holidays and help the troubled businesses in the south..

so hamas - you might take away our ceasefire - you might decide to renew your rocket fire and who knows - we might even decide to fire back (for which we undoubtedly will be once again squarely blamed by everyone - as usual).. but i think you have exhausted our panic and exhausted our patience for safety rooms..

somehow i hope (for the sake more of the gazans than anyone else) that this is just your childish way of showing us that you don't like packing up your toys even when game time is over.. now please put down the joystick - go to your families - hug each of them - apologise for these deadly antics and start working to secure a life for each.. ruining ours has not succeeded.. we're here to stay..

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