Thursday, August 7, 2014

here today there tomorrow..

eight years ago when i first surfed portugal a bunch of belgians told me how they had fled the big city.. how the ballooning islamification had driven them to the countryside and how they would never return to the city.. one of them had left the country for that very reason.. i was in shock.. but they had heavy predictions for belgium that to me seemed over the top and exaggerated..

watching this video now makes me cringe.. belgium of all places was nation that knew how to merge two peoples.. french speaking and flemmish got along to create an incredible little hub.. they of all people know how to get along.. maybe to a fault..

how do you feel about this.. how do you feel about radical islam pushing aside moderate islam in western europe and growing to the extent that very soon a western european country may face sharia law.. in which case belgium may have to be excluded from the EU.. belgium.. yes the country of castles and international organisations.. chocolate.. and burqas and niqabs and beards and hidden women and honour killings and who knows maybe jihad..

and then what.. will belgium try to liberate the muslims of france? will they send rockets? what next guys and gals..

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