Wednesday, August 6, 2014

playing chicken..

just as we had started to get used to a bit of quiet the news reports are full of hamas threats of the conflict reigniting tomorrow.. 

hamas is apparently saying that they wont back down until all their demands are met.. they want more war in the meantime..

rather than approaching the UN or the security council or NGOs or whatever to push their demands forward - they somehow have reached the conclusion that rockets might help.. or maybe its the rockets in combination with the international pressure that will result from israel defending itself from those rockets..

i have said this before but gazans need to come to the table to shake this off.. and the palestinians need to decide.. is gaza its own thing and if so - then gaza needs to take responsibility - or - is gaza part of the palestinian entity in which case the PA needs to start issuing clearer messages rather than sharing a unity government..

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