Tuesday, August 5, 2014

national dehydration..

are we in are we out? who knows.. its all become quite unclear.. are we negotiating are we not? also unclear.. will there be more sirens? who knows.. are we satisfied that objectives were achieved? maybe in telaviv certainly not in the israeli towns around gaza.. do we have the energy for a peace deal now and would be be able to trust it? who knows..

and the dead.. how many are there? no really.. how many?? yes please include the severely wounded that will be declared dead in a week or two.. i just want to know.. so i can get my guilt and grief ledger in order.. no not just on our side.. give the true and ugly details of how many palestinians were killed too.. because yes it does matter.. i dont care how rotten the hamas are and it is irrelevant whether or not we can justify it under international law.. since when did international law hug people people who lost their kids or quench the pain of a loved one or slithers of their body being buried??

and what on earth happened to our abducted soldiers? i dont get it.. we suddenly figured out that there were dead and not adbucted?

i think the smoke screens and protests and media carnage and hatred frenzy around the world has left us a bit confused.. i dont even know what to do with all the hatred.. paris and london never felt further away.. and celebrities - please stop talking about topics you know nothing about.. seriously.. not just those who hate us - those who love us (supposedly) too - its stomach turning to hear everyone's ignorance echo through the web..

i know that the justification for war often gets blended into a cocktail with the humanitarian sides.. sometimes the humanitarian argument (why sometimes - always) is used against us.. ie it is not humantiarian of us to defend ourselves and to kill palestinians in doing so because not enough of us have died.. and other times the duty to defend our citizens is used against the palestinians such that no matter how many of them die its justified as long as we are busy attempting to defend our own.. put in such terms - is it so hard to see that either argument can easily be taken to an extreme? where did all the pragmatic people go?? come back.. we need you to help us push aside the nonsense and allow reason to surface..

as individuals - palestinians and israelis - how do we justify our national loyalty if what defines it right now is the centrality of a mass hatred that we either emit from our collective essence or alternatively suffer collectively from others?? cant we offer ourselves any better fate??

we have designed starwars like defence systems.. you have built tunnel systems that would make us proud in telaviv if only they had an underground.. :) we have both weathered so much and invested so much in this hatred.. imagine a world in which we invested in absolutely anything else.. how amazing could that be..

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