Saturday, December 17, 2011

fiery pharaohs..

every news break on the radio we tune in to a mid sentence statement about fierce violence and protesters and tents being burnt and people bashed.. and then they mention tahrir square.. its surreal how dispute all perceptions of regional inhabitants - we are actually so close to each other in distance..

its a sunny day in telaviv today.. a serene saturday with mellow yellow skies and blue horizons barely laced with a light distant smog.. in many places in the world this would have set the stage for a wonderful winter weekend.. but here in the middle east good weather is often the facilitator of political conflict that people tend to shy away from when the climate doesn't permit..

not forgetting the syrians who are dying by the day for their own freedom from the baathist oppression - allow me to wish us all a week of freedom as the jewish festival of light and the christian xmas approach..

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