Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the latest keppler..

we were driving to work today and mum called as she does every morning to link into our day.. she makes us laugh a bit and basically serves as an info service for all sorts of wonderful and wierd news tidbits that she picks up as she scans half the media on a daily basis..

this morning she spoke about the new kepler discovery - of a planet that was potentially habitable - only 600 light years away from earth..

the first thought that came to my mind was how embarrassing!!

what if another whole planet was to witness the devestation we have brought upon earth.. what if they saw our bickering and mutual disrespect.. what if they saw photos.. what if time appeared differently to them.. theyre apparently several times bigger than us - what if that meant that our time passed faster in their eyes and they could visibly see our forests shrinking and air darkening.. what if they could view the constant bombing on our planet.. all those explosions..

how embarrassing.. thats all i could think of.. especially if their "earth" was really nice and people were kind to eachother..

i started imagining us as a decrepid under developed underdog.. it was bizarre.. all this in the space of a brief conversation with my mother..

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