Monday, December 5, 2011

onion in the fire..

sometimes you look at something and it appears whole.. and then as the climactic influences start to impact the surface you discover that your impression was false.. that beneath the surface lie layers of existence that you could never have guessed.. perhaps you didnt need to.. perhaps it wasnt relevant.. but suddenly the new revealing section changes a paradigm.. the slice shows you a reality that you need to reckon with.. for better or worse..

hamas has long been synonymous with iran and hizbulla and syria.. despite being vastly different entities both legally nationally and ideologically they struck me as a political monolyth mostly because of their mutual public support..

but isnt it curious how the iranian regime is threatening hamas right now.. clearly assads loss of control over syria is likely to reshape our region.. the opposition has stated how it would downgrade its military connection with iran and how it may well sever ties with hizbulla.. this would devestate the iranian stronghold over its proxies..

and what is hamas to do.. stay loyal to iran and therefore retain a default anti opposition position on syria in the face of thousands of people being slaughtered in order to safeguard its funding and access to military technology and training? or side with the public as it has always portrayed itself to do and support its arab brothers and sisters as they are desimated by their scud weilding faltering leader..

what an amazing message this presents to the palestinians anyway.. how is it that the iranian regime has so shamelessly aborted its unconditional support for the palestinian nation in its struggle against israel for the sake of defending the position of the syrian baathists.. maybe its true - maybe they really never cared about the kids of jenin or ramalla.. maybe they dont even hate us in israel.. maybe if they spotted a better opportunity they'd sieze it..

who knows.. as sanctions sink in over iran for its nuclear ambitions and as syria continues to roast the onion is likely to reveal deeper and darker layers and cause many more locals to grit teeth as they bare the eye sting.. how many more sources of support are going to reveal themselves as self serving uninterested meddlers.. how many more champions of justice will show us just how unjust they can be..

stay tuned..

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