Thursday, December 29, 2011

reasons to have hope..

things get awful in my neighbourhood.. right now the iranian regime is probably reminding me more of pre nazi germany than ever.. and not because of their threats but moreso because of their extreme financial isolation.. the kind of isolation that kind drive a country to very extreme measures such as driving the region into a state of war.. and maybe our crew had something to do with it.. maybe our constant israeli muscle flexing has not been so productive.. when one sets one self up to a binary wager it gets a bit crazy as both players challenge eachother to the final stretch of kamikaze chicken..

i dont find it very hard to imagine terrible scenarios involving iran shutting down the oil veins of the west and the usa blasting the crap out of the islamist state leading the region down the tubes..

but then suddenly small things show you that things can change.. small.. but then again.. sometimes the biggest revolutions are triggered by small things.. and today i have chosen these as my long shots for change.. :)

(a) yair lapid's potential to set up a new party.. please..

(b) katlin's singing on a reality tv singing contest..

and the chills that this song gave me..

may this little girl inspire a generation to forgive itself for being so racist and finally allow these foreign kids to be a part of our nation after their parents have so lovingly tended to our elderly at times when it was inconvenient for us as their own flesh and blood..

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