Thursday, July 10, 2014

90 seconds warning..

hamas has hit some homes directly.. it appears that our iron dome (despite saving thousands of lives) is not completely water tight..

hamas has now declared that they want to hit our parliament house in Jerusalem and in their attempt to do so have reportedly hit arab and bedouin villages.. classic case of cutting off your nose to spite your face..

there are also the first Israeli casualties in this round of violence and very soon we will start the war accounting.. every one will start to spew out the numbers of dead and injured and many arguments will be based around these numbers or their irrelevance..

you can feel the tension in the air.. its sliceable..

my wife and daughters are asleep and i have been working since i got home because this too is defence.. kind of.. at least of our economy..

the missile warning sirens sound a lot like ambulance or police sirens - so every time i hear one i kind of have a micro panic.. every time i hear a car accelerate too fast i instantly think of war planes.. any stray cat sounds to me like someone screaming.. basically the stress is beginning to settle in..

today at work we had a site conference of all local workers to do with a project that affects the whole local site and people were so snappy.. even rude.. it was so odd it made is all laugh.. we try to keep our cool but frankly this whole situation is so deranged that to keep your cool completely would indicate nothing but a profound personality disorder..

my wife and i have already agreed that if the siren is sounded while she is sleeping (given you only have 90 seconds to reach safety and this is a highly relevant number no matter what anyone might say) that i will simply pick her up in my arms and run to our apartment's security room (where our daughters are asleep) and lock us in..

we have come to learn - over the course of the past 3-4 wars - that security rooms in apartments are a key to your potential survival when a building is directly hit.. there were buildings that didn't survive in the last conflict - except for the security rooms..

90 seconds isn't long when it takes you around 20 to figure out if its a missile warning siren or not.. but its better than 15 which is what the israeli towns next to gaza have.. gazans have an Israeli system called knock on the roof which means that the building is first hit with relatively harmless weapons to supposedly warn the residents and only after they have a chance to leave is it attacked.. but hamas doesn't want anyone leaving.. it has specifically requested that the families living in apartments above its weapons cache facilities serve as human shields..

wishing us all a safe night.. may this madness soon come to and end and may it pave the way for better times ahead..

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