Sunday, July 13, 2014

why dont we leave??

overseas friends who obviously care keep asking me why i dont leave with my family and go somewhere else while the war between israel and gaza rages on..

so i want to explain a few things..

(a) israel is my home - there is nowhere else i belong more..

(b) there is stuff to be done here while we are attacked.. we need to stand upright and bold.. this is not the time to fold..

(c) because we need to support eachother..

(d) thats exactly what our haters and enemies want..

(e) we have an amazing country that despite its challenges makes us happier than we can possibly be anywhere else ever..

(f) i believe that one day we will have peace..

this clips is funny - but we like funny.. and it shows you how diverse alive and joyous our country is..

hoping once its over - those of you who find it strange that we are here  make an effort to come and find out for yourself..

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