Tuesday, July 8, 2014

uncomfortably numb..

i left home for work.. because we work in israel even through wars.. in fact some of us will end up working harder to cover up for colleagues who have been drafted..

within minutes i hit a traffic jam.. i was surprised.. suddenly the sirens started wailing and people got out of their cars and lay on the road covering their heads with their hands - just as we have been instructed to do over the years when the sirens are sounded..

my fingers must have fumbled as i took my keys out of the ignition when i hit the road and i accidentally called my wife's cousin.. as soon as i noticed i hung up..

it was oddly calm..

one man - a bit older - decided to stand on the northern side of a tree trunk (gaza is around 60km south of telaviv).. he looked scared..

we then heard several consecutive explosions overhead and most of us got back in our cars to take shelter in case any bit and pieces fell onto us..

my wife called crying - she asked me to come back home - but war isnt a holiday and we need to work.. i asked her to stop crying so that the girls not sense any panic..

the radio went on to wish us a morning of successful [missile] interceptions..

my wife's cousin called me back shortly after.. she lives in a town that constantly hears sirens all year round and sustains many more hits..

you never get used to it she said.. you just get numb..

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