Saturday, July 12, 2014

a date from hell..

hamas said they would bomb us at 9pm tonight..

it was in fact a quiet and tense day.. sunny and hot but caging and unnerving.. we let the girls enjoy some wet time in an inflatable swimming pool on our balcony which was fun for them.. we had them do paper mache.. bake stuff.. play music.. draw.. colour in.. whatever.. just to alleviate their sense of entrapment..

the build up after a quiet day certainly shaped our state of mind and by 9pm we were left wondering as to whether or not the hamas threat/promise was real..

7 minutes later two consecutive sirens were set off and apart from the respective interceptions a couple of "independent" explosions could be heard..

we of course rushed to the security room and even after 10 minutes of calm my wife is in no mood to leave it.. personally - i cant stay there a minute longer than i need to..

we then heard some ambulances go past but couldn't even guess if there was any direct connection to the attack..

moments later the muslim call to prayer kicked in.. where we live we have about 3 or 4 active mosques within a few hundred metres from our house even though very few arabs live in our area.. normally (unlike many of my compatriots) i enjoy the call to prayer for its melodic and spiritual significance.. but this evening it made it hard to hear the sirens.. which pissed me off..

what a shitty date.. thanks hamas.. now go away please..

it doesn't help to hear about the people of gaza celebrating these rockets in the streets either.. wtf guys - that's just stupid..

at least i have my work laptop with me this time around.. so if things get worse tonight - ill work from home tomorrow..

wishing us that this nightmare be over soon..

שבוע טוב

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