Tuesday, July 15, 2014

the irony we live in..

israel has not asked for this war.. hamas firing incessant rockets was met at first by a lack of response by israel - i was surprised by the way.. however israel clearly stated that if the rockets and missiles stopped it would not retaliate.. and yet hamas persisted.. doesnt that make you wonder what sort of insanity is guiding that organisation and the people that continue to support it?

israel finally responded and then instantly the world (who until that point didnt give a damn about israeli towns being under constant fire) suddenly woke up - blaming israel left right and centre - whether outright or through unbalanced reporting - as usual.. there were really no surprises except maybe mahmoud abbas who questioned the logic behind hamas' actions..

egypt took the initiative to try and broker an end to this stupid war and while israel clearly stated that it had not yet completed the initial objectives of its military response ie to put an end to hamas' ability to fire rockets and missiles at our towns that we still would accept the proposal out of fear of facing further delegitimisation..

hamas as usual much prefers the fighting because for hamas no number of dead gazans is ever enough..

so what now world.. do you understand who the monster is that it choking the gazans.. do you understand who is using them as human shields and demanding that they ignore warnings and remain in buildings that are being targeted.. do you understand who wants nothing but to perpetuate the cycle of death and violence even though they can clearly see that israel remains relatively unharmed and that mostly its own people are suffering immeasurably..

do you see what is going on..

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