Wednesday, July 16, 2014

seeking the lemonade..

our neighbour went to get a juice from the local store yesterday and the sirens went off.. he ran for cover but came out a little before 10 minutes were over and much to his surprise the tip of a detonated rocket fell from the sky metres from his feet.. lucky guy.. it was quite a landing and there could have been more pieces and they could have fallen on his head..

my baby daughters have been home with my wife for the entire war and what could have been for some an exhausting experience has turned into a beautiful opportunity for my wife to bond with our daughters..

for years the notion of telaviv being attacked felt almost apocalyptic and symbolised the end of the world for us.. however - as i turns out life goes on after and even during the rockets and missiles.. sure you go out less and you pull over to take cover sometimes if you hear a siren as you drive - but for the most part - i thank hamas for dispelling our fears..

whats left is to turn our hearts towards the gazans and hope that their suffering ends soon and morphs into a wake up call that war is not the way forward.. their entire minuscule economy has been geared to bombing israel for the last decade at least and its time that they move towards a future that can bring them to a better place.. im not too naive to realise that the objectives of some politicians on our side are almost directly supported by hamas delinquency.. but hey - isnt it time for the silent majority to surface and finally get the brighter future that it has always wanted?

may this war quickly be replaced with peace..

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