Tuesday, July 29, 2014

the horrors of paradise..

when i was a young surfing adventurer i heeded the call of the deep aqua waters of the maldives to hunt the mythological waves that every israeli surfer dreamed about.. the legend of crystal clear liquid expanses with reefs and tropical fish offering you company as you caught one perfect wave after another - the dolphins who you could swim right up to - the balmy weather - the blissful isolation were enough to drive us crazy and venture over there crossing deserts and oceans (by planes of course)..

i completed this mandatory right of passage trip quite a few years ago and it was incredible..

which is not what a bunch of israeli surfers said after being attacked there this week by a boat ferried mob of anti israeli rioters who violently confronted them and even opened a few israeli surfer heads.. following which they were reportedly rushed to the airport by speedboats and immediately left  the country.. these are mostly young israeli guys and girls who evidently arent busy in gaza.. so clearly its not them doing whatever is happening..

i remember talking to locals when i was there about there views.. being a muslim country they tended to lean towards their coreligionist palestinians but some were quite happy living off israeli tourism and warmly welcomed us.. and some israelis had really blended in to the local scene - living near the best spots and enjoying the swell when the crowds thinned.. i cant imagine many will go there now..


i hope we never become like that.. i hope we never heckle them and harass them in countries all around the world.. like hate is a transferable license and can be cast against interchangeable targets..


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