Wednesday, July 9, 2014

initial shock draining the streets..

we needed stuff from the pharmacy last night.. some basics.. nappies.. listerine.. baby formula.. you know..

the local pharmacy isn't far from our house but it was awkward.. i walked taking note of all the places i could take refuge if a siren was sounded..

the streets - normally awash with people cycling home and strollers checking in at the boulevard cafes - were relatively empty.. instant flashbacks from 2003 (days of the second intifada).. oh no there's that word.. intifada.. cant believe ive evoked it.. its been so out of use that its gone rusty..

ultimately telavivs bubble normally restores itself and typically itll happen before the conflict subsides.. but for now it looks like people have taken the warnings quite seriously and are largely staying at home.. which based on the last round is probably the smart thing to do..

it might sound obvious to people from the outside - but when a war erupts - there is a serious dilemma as to whether or not we should allow it to impact our routines or resiliently remain loyal to life and its regular course..

also this is the cover up/lies stage.. you have no idea what is being under or over reported at this stage.. the casualty reports are distorted by both sides to serve the respective side's interests and you can physically feel yourself being manipulated by two manic political leaderships..

old news is being rampantly recycled as the current state of affairs.. youll see it in clips and images that may well not even belong to this round of violence..

this is emptier than telaviv ever gets on a weekday afternoon at 530pm..

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