Wednesday, July 9, 2014

email from kindergarden [loosely translated from hebrew]..

Dear Parents

We share your concern regarding the tense security situation and seek to provide information about the kindergardens activity.
Teachers know which room they should report to in the event of a siren.

Many of you have been asking us for information.
We strongly suggest avoiding any explanations of war and missiles to your children and refrain from tones that will convey anxiety and panic in front of your kids.

It is important that children feel that the adults around are under control and know how to address the situation calmly and confidently.
It is equally important that we react to our children creatively and avoid sharing governmental statements.

It is better to give images of protection and security than images of being under attack and in a state of war.
As you know, our kindergarden does not have any reinforced security rooms.

According to national guidelines, when there is no space, we are stick to the walls of the innermost rooms, and in the event of an alarm while the kids are inside we gather the kids into the inner room and sit by the walls.
In light of the situation, it is obviously your decision whether or not to send your child to kindergarden today.

The teachers will remain accessible by phone all day and if there are any changes we will let you know.
Naturally, the well being of our children is our top priority [the teachers also send their kids to the same kindi]

Hoping for quieter and more peaceful times.

The staff

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