Saturday, July 26, 2014

fiery friday..

shenkin street is normally packed - but even moreso on friday.. not so this last friday.. many boutiques didn't even bother opening.. nahalat binyamin had only half of its normal current of people as well..

we went to kindergarden to pick up our daughter with the baby and some shopping and as we sat in the garden part the sirens started blaring.. we grabbed the baby out of the stroller and ran up the steep stairs.. the stroller fell back from the weight of our bags.. we left everything there.. our keys and wallet and whatever else..

i grabbed my wife and daughter and took cover in an old thick doorway - the sirens didn't stop so we quickly ducked into the main building and found all the kids huddled against the walls in the central hall.. we smiled to conceal the stress.. a few other parents had gathered there too.. a couple of kids were hugging.. we stayed inside afterwards even though normally the kids have kabbalat Shabbat and parents are not included..

the booms were close.. the missiles were intercepted several hundred metres away from the kindergarden.. the owners of the kindergarden seemed very stressed..

we left to go home shortly after.. 

it had been such a nice morning.. except for the strange atmosphere you could almost forget the war for a moment.. we spent hours walking outside the house..
there is a ceasefire now for 12 hours.. partly in honour of the final feast of ramadan.. its very controversial.. because its obvious that the now heavily weakened hamas will make use of this humanitarian breather to prepare some fatal surprises for our soldiers.. tonight more mothers will cry the loss of their sons..
hoping this ends soon and all of hamas' tunnels and arsenall are removed with no more casualties on either side for that matter..

im sick of my family running to safety rooms..

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