Sunday, July 20, 2014

false media reports!?!

two days ago - no less - palestinian facebookers were boasting about the israeli casualties - sharing pics of a ripped apart israeli military vehicle and showing idf weaponry collected from the dead soldiers.. at the time our media was only telling us of a couple of casualties..

today while at work the news hit the whatsapp rumour mill and people at work were scooping the item as it was shared feverishly through the halls..

i read about it two days ago through palestinian commenters on facebook 

cant be true - there's no way the idf wouldn't notify the families and once you notify the families its out

no im sure its the same incident - sounds too similar

you must be wrong

now ynet is reporting that the families only learned about the victims through the rumour mill..

im not telling anyone how to do their job but seriously guys - if you keep us in the dark and feed us shit - we're going to be angry little mushrooms.. its one thing keeping a lid on how you go about stuff - but we do deserve to know what the impact is..

bennet (an Israeli hawk minister) keeps on saying that the government is allowed to do whatever it wants and all options are at its disposal (or so i heard in an interview he gave today).. well that's maybe what the government has decided but im sorry - i don't agree that you can kill unaccountably - not our boys and not the gazans.. im sure we're doing our best to get the optimal outcome - but please don't get cocky about this war.. stay focussed on your objectives and remain in control of your methods.. your citizens don't want to think of you as liars.. please don't give us reason.. i'd be happy to learn that i have somehow misunderstood and that the palestinian commenters merely guessed the deaths..

and as to our soldiers.. we know that you are doing your duty and serving us as best as you know how.. we trust your ethics and judgment.. we are proud of you and your courage.. we are behind you and support you unconditionally and pray for your safe return and are looking forward to seeing you soon..

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