Thursday, July 31, 2014

the 6 o clock news - only for the surreal minded..

there i was at work fussing over last minute contracts for the financial quarter and the sirens kicked in.. as if by reflex i ported myself to the nearest security room (doubles as a common tea room) where i have already acquired a regular seat - just next to the microwave..

i placed the habitual call to my wife to see that everyone was fine and safe and my phone was already aflush with sms notifications of the danger from the national service that lets you know if youre at risk..

for the next 12 minutes i directed all overseas colleagues to call me back in 20 minutes and had the same security room chitchat as i always have with my co-refuge seekers..

when i got back to the office - as i was waiting to get on a call i took a look at that instantly listed all areas affected by the rocket attack - apparently there were several concurrent attacks all over the country.. and listing the damage including the fact that a house was directly hit and its resident wounded..

how insane is that.. all thats missing is some monetised services like 1shekel for your favourite war song.. or 2 shekels for an expedited warning  ~5 seconds earlier.. or perhaps a nice cold beer to pass the time in the security room delivery service..

anyway the good news is that even under so many attacks - with everyone heeding the warnings - so little injury is caused..

many people are talking about the overwhelming sense of solidarity in this country right now.. i have to be honest.. i really struggle to celebrate it.. it really doesnt feel like the issue to me.. that everyone supposedly is getting along just because we're detonating gaza.. yet it is incredible how coordinated and oiled we are.. after decades of dealing with armed conflict.. i would like to wish that one day we lose the need for this skill of ours..

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