Saturday, July 12, 2014

the children..

of course this is heart breaking.. and of course no Israeli soldier wants to kill mayssam.. she's beautiful and adorable and fully deserving of a normal and healthy life - as is any child..

what happens when you need to choose.. what happens when she lives on a house that is a rocket reserve or what happens when rockets are being launched from her roof top..

do you just ignore it because of an adorable girl who lives there and her youtube video? of course you want to say yes? especially if rockets were made of marshmellows.. but you have adorable kids too and you also want them to not live in fear and terror..

this is why this conflict is so complex.. it is not only about tactical correctness ie whether or not your military actions are sanctioned by local and international law.. but it is also about a whole of lot of zero sum games you play in your mind with every article you read and every little piece of information you acquire..

beyond living with our neighbours (whether by virtue of a cold peace agreement or through protracted ceasefires) we also need to live with ourselves and our own consciences..

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